Date: 2017-07-02 03:59 pm (UTC)
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I have found it so much easier to say, "I'm sorry, there are no words," when people are dealing with anything, because it's TRUE. There are no right words to say when people are trying to grieve, cope, etc. It's so unfair to have to make people swim through the word vomit and shit that isn't even original (LOL - like, goddamn, I would almost prefer some off-the-wall statement or refrigerator magnet haiku than some fucking Hallmark card crap).
This is what I replied over on LJ about the "happy person" thing-
I think part of the problem/struggle I have with the "happiness agenda" of our culture right now (to the point that happiness itself seems to be propagandized) is that it doesn't allow much room for other emotions without making it seem like it's your whole identity. You have a bad day, you are a "sad, unhappy, ungrateful, etc." person. I'm not even trying to be happy 24/7. How I feel at any given moment doesn't make up the whole of my person. It's like excuse me for having a range of emotions and not masking everything with some "I'll get through this" quote bullshit. Yeah, I'mma get through it, damn. Shut up. LOL.

There is actually one quote that I still enjoy - Frank Ocean said something like "My personality is who I am, my ATTITUDE is a reflection of who YOU are." That's such a slow burn, but also accurate. LOL.

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