Date: 2017-06-22 02:32 am (UTC)
rainylemons: (Ur Hatch)
From: [personal profile] rainylemons
I feel like this needs to be broadcast and sung from the mountain tops. You are most definitely the best right kind of asshole. I despise BS, insincerity, platitudes, and the absolute flippin' smugness of it all. My Dad got sick and died like that and the shit people said to me and to my mother makes my blood turn to red steam. He's in a better place was bad enough, but the "God doesn't give us anything we can't handle" made me want to actually maim people., my Dad is just fucking gone because God figured we could hack it? Fuck ALL of you.

Why the fuck can't people just admit that they don't know what to say or what will help? Wouldn't that be easier and open the door a little instead of alienating people who are maybe going through enough shit already?

Also five thousand times yes on the everything is perfect and "I am a very happy, very normal person!" (Bet they're fucking "blessed" too, ugh.) I mean, I dunno, the emotional spectrum is pretty varied and wide, isn't it a little bit weird to always be in the same spot? (I hear Carol Kane from The Princess Bride screaming "LIAR!" in my head right now, tbh.) I am not happy all of the time. I express my displeasure because holding it in makes me cry and be mean. I cope better by saying this some bullshit right here, Barbara! You probably know what I know- being honest instead of faking happy and talking shit behind everyone's back makes you negative. And intimidating. And the nice people are probably made to feel uncomfortable because, dammit, the change starts with you. Tomorrow is a new day that God made. Excellence, teamwork, white guy climbing a mountain, think positive to BE positive. And, then, you know, just be a two faced douche later.

But bullshit platitudes to people dealing with shit? Ohh,yeah, eat your mother, you bastards. Trust in Jesus!
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