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Since I was planted at birth, I abandoned my own planet and I landed on Earth...

I take a week of vacation every July, and every July I use this week to regroup. I make no concrete plans, I do what I want, when I want, and only give my time to a select few people (if I want). It's always nice.

This year is especially nice because with the 4th being a paid holiday, using 5 days of vacation gives me 10 days off - and having come from a dramatic week of shenanigans at work, it's all the more glorious to be removed from it for an extra day.

I am using this week to give myself a little TLC - I have to get some lab work done and will probably end up with a new prescription; but cancer stuff aside, I have noticed the past month I have had more energy - and more energy means being able to do more, and being able to do more means returning to regular workouts and being able to create a routine. I have to have a routine of some kind (even if it is as simple as just working out 20 minutes a day). The illness so far has not really let me do that - it's been more like, "try this and hope you don't need 2 days to recover/function enough to get through a work day." June was the first month that I didn't have to use a single hour of sick time in a year. This is definitely feeling good.

On the physical side of my health - for the past few weeks I have been easing back into vegetarianism (my sister has been vegan for a year now, and we eat a lot of vegan meals, but I can't give up cheese). Weirdly, I can drink coffee again but tea makes me feel off - I have been trying a variety of teas to see if I can find at least "the one" that I can stand the taste of - it is just the weirdest damn thing. Before, I could drink any kind of tea and love it. I had mad love for oolongs, green teas, white teas - all the teas! Now it's like everything tastes like ass. :( Same with seafood. I used to be able to eat any kind of fish (no shellfish) - and now even thinking about it makes me feel wrong. The only thing I still eat is poultry - and will probably be giving that up this month. I want to get back into lifting/bodybuilding (until I build up enough endurance to get back into cycling), and have some good vegetarian recipes to ensure I don't need protein supplements.

My mental game is getting better day-by-day. I have good days and bad days, but have been able to pin- point certain triggers that seem to send me on a downward spiral. Interestingly, I seem to feel a lot better if I don't watch much television. And by much I mean not trying to keep up with the 1.8 million shows that are on or being advertised - and absolutely no more bingeing. I am patiently waiting for Game of Thrones, and other than that, rewatching Battlestar Galactica for the summer. *shrug*

I have 2 books on the vacation reading list - Paula Hawkins' Into the Water and Dark Matter by Blake Crouch. I may try to make it to see a movie (probably Wonderwoman) at some point, too.

Ahh...nine more days of whatever could not have come at a better time. :)